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Exhibition at Musée du Cartonnage et de l’Imprimerie – Valréas – France

From 1st of April 2023 until 30th of September 2023


Wall sculptures

Amber - dimensions : 55x42x16cm - frame : 80x64cm

This very elegant bust is sublimated by the delicate work of cardboard lace, the lace effect being reinforced by the openwork that highlight the beauty and fragility of the female body.


Bella - dimensions : 60x43x17cm - frame : 80x64cm

Bella means beautiful. It is a very sensual sculpture, and its neck movement reveals a certain shyness seen from a certain angle but also pride. The cardboard lace technique brings a delicacy to its movement. Do not hesitate to take a closer look at the details to appreciate its texture.


Giulia - dimensions: 56x42x17cm - frame : 80x64cm

Giulia is nod to Italian women. The fragmentation of this wall bust brings very interesting shadow and light effects and reinforces the idea of refinement  emphasized  by the detail of cardboard lace. Its silver color highlights its beauty and elegance.


Hercules - dimensions : 57x46x18cm - frame: 80x64cm

Hercules is one of the most revered heroes of ancient Greece. Greek mythology lends him a very large number of adventures. The cut of this bust recalls the ancient sculptures remains, it imposes all its power on us.


Lara - dimensions: 59x42x16cm - frame: 80x64cm

The artist has reinforced the refinement of this bust by encrusting small pearls, inspired by haute couture dresses and whose movement accentuates the effect of lightness. The unfinished face allows everyone to give free rein to their imagination.


Stand sculptures

Anna - dimensions :51x41x26cm

This sculpture is part of a series on breast cancer theme.  The artist raises the question of the impact of the disease on the body and women’s femininity, a subject that affects many women and yet remains taboo and delicate.  We can appreciate the finesse of cardboard lace, its chiseled cut, enhanced by the silver color, gives it an airy aspect.


Fortuna - dimensions :60x42x19cm

Fortuna is the allegorical Roman goddess of luck, fate with all its unknowns.  For the Stoics, it represents the force that leads the world, such a symbol.  Sober and elegant at the same time, this sculpture delights with its golden brilliance and the refinement of cardboard lace.


Venus Floralis - dimensions :58x40x15cm

Venus, goddess of love, seduction, feminine beauty in Roman mythology is also considered a goddess of fertility.  The artist works with cardboard packaging that she recycles. All the delicate work of cardboard lace has been deliberately left raw. We can appreciate all the more its finesse, its transparency. It is just enhanced by a floral touch, myrtle, one of the attributes of Venus, which recalls how ephemeral life is.


Apollo - dimensions :64x46x23cm

Apollo, god of light, poetry and music. His strength and beauty are underlined by the features of his face. The delicacy of the rendering of cardboard lace associated with the cutting work of the bust recalls the idea of an ancient statue found fragmented, damaged by the years.


Galatea - dimensions :76x33x15cm

Beloved of the Cyclops Polyphemus, Galatea is one of the best-known Nereids of Greek mythology. It is a journey through time that Galatea offers us, its cut-out shape recalls ancient sculptures, vestiges just unearthed, damaged by centuries of neglect and oblivion.  The detail of the cardboard lace will amaze with its meticulousness.


Ava - dimensions :55x38x23cm

Ava was created with a head full of images and perfumes of northern Italy after a tourist stay in the beautiful regions of Tuscany and Venice where one can admire some of the most beautiful artistic testimonies of the past in Europe. Its cut-out is more conventional. Murano glass beads brought back from this trip have been encrusted in cardboard lace and are magnified by Ava's golden color. A small nod also to the chakra of the heart that determines our ability to love, love others but also love oneself. 


Libera - dimensions :45x39x23cm

Libera, goddess of ancient Rome, is a sculpture on the theme of breast cancer. The artist wanted to express herself on this disease that affects the femininity of women, their fight for survival. The voluntarily openwork cardboard lace reflects the fragility of the body facing the disease’s evolution. The work is positive, woman’s body remains beautiful despite life’s ups and downs. The unfinished face allows everyone to give free rein to their imagination.


Ballerina - dimensions :56x34x26cm

Ballerina - This sculpture is a tribute to all dancers who are driven by the love of dance who work hard to achieve excellence. Ballerina seduces by her aura, a head-wearing that reveals all the rigor, the requirement and the discipline, essential qualities to persevere and achieve her goals. The finesse of the cardboard lace also recalls the fragility of the dancer whose body is subjected to severe stress.


Mara - dimensions :46x40x23cm

Mara is part of a series of sculptures dealing with breast cancer issue. Themes of fight and survival against this illness are closely linked to the notion of femininity, which is why the artist wanted to highlight the sensuality and delicacy of the female body through this sculpture. We can appreciate the detail of cardboard lace.


Edesia - dimensions :49x41x25cm

This sculpture is on breast cancer issue, a theme very dear to the artist. This work highlights the struggle of many women facing this insidious disease, their determination to overcome it and regain their femininity.


Metis - dimensions :34x27x20cm

Delicate work on a cardboard lace sculpture representing Metis portrait according to the artist, goddess of wisdom and trickery. Under its thought-thinking air hides a discreet but determined woman.   The golden color of the sculpture captures the light beautifully and emphasizes the detail of the cardboard lace.

Elya - dimensions :56x43x26cm

Elya is part of a series of sculptures called Material Girls where the delicacy of cardboard lace mixes with more unexpected elements in a sculpture such as eyelets. This wave of eyelets has been treated like a dress drape and brings an elegant movement, some lightness. The oblique cut of the bust accentuates this movement and enhances the aesthetics of this  work. Its golden color captures the light and highlights the detail of the cardboard lace.

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