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Angélina Maia worked with success in a commercial area for years and discovered a passion for cardboard during a training course in 2011.

She especially enjoys and explores cardboard through all its forms and possibilities. Over time and experiments, she has moved to a more artistic universe, creating cardboard sculptures, allowing her emotions and sensitivity to be expressed. She gets her inspiration from antic Greek sculptures and also artists such as Alberto Giacometti,  Igor Mitoraj.


She works her art with passion and delicacy. She likes to imagine her sculptures fragmented, desintegrated, like arqueological statue remains which have just been unearthed. She uses old cardboard boxes to reduce the ecological impact of her creations.

After some exhibitions in Portugal, she participates in many international exhibitions such as Art Shopping Paris, Art3F Paris, Artexpo New York, , Arts Atlantic La Rochelle, Art Nordic Copenhagen, Art Connects Women in Dubai etc…

Her sculptures are exhibited in art galleries in Portugal, France and Switzerland.

Private collections: Canada, Denmark, England, India, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, USA.

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